EU elections: talking with people

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This is a crucial moment for the European Union, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to delve into the results, implications, and future prospects with exceptional guests.

A podcast by Tony Ann Izzo

Over the past weekend, nearly 200 million Europeans exercised their voting rights. The European electorate has pulled the Parliament further to the right than ever before in history.

Parties like France’s National Rally, Germany’s AFD , and Italy’s Brothers of Italy, with known neo-fascist roots, have significantly influenced this shift.

While the impact is not solely attributed to these parties, Germany, France, and Italy collectively represent the top three economies within the EU, boosting their influence over the course of events.

EU Election results taking a turn

The French case

The biggest shock from this past weekend’s European elections was French President Emmanuel Macron calling for a snap election after his party suffered a significant defeat to the far right-wing party, Rassemblement Nationale (National Rally or RN).

It is said that this plan has apparently been drafted up since the end of May yet, many people, even some of his own colleagues did not know about it until his announcement.

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Toni Ann Izzo

I am a political science enthusiast from New York City with a passion for global politics.

I aim to spark interest in young people, who are the most impacted by today’s political decisions by  making complex issues understandable and engaging.

I bring a fresh perspective to political discussions to make politics fun and accessible for the next generation.

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