The rise of Hindu Nationalism

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In this podcast, ToniAnn Izzo discusses the rise of Hindu religious nationalism and its effects on India‘s diverse society.

We explore how this movement is creating divisions and increasing violence against minority groups. Using news sources and documentaries, we explain the political reasons behind promoting this ideology and its impact on democracy.

We also reference experts who provide deeper insights into these issues. Join us as we highlight the importance of unity and protecting India’s rich cultural diversity.

Meanwhile, for the third time, Narendra Modi has been elected the prime minister of India by the world’s largest democracy. Though you might expect this term to be similar to his last two, this election cycle in India has proven to be anything but that.

In power but not alone

Contrary to the confident claims made by Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is the ruling right-wing party, failed to secure a majority in India’s national elections. This is groundbreaking because Modi has never held office where his party did not hold the majority of the seats in the government.

For the first time in years, we are seeing a resurgence of parties that have been quiet for a long time being elected into parliament in significantly high numbers.

These new election results reaffirm the democracy of India and finally give citizens with opposing or different views from that of the BJP a chance to be represented in the government.

India: Modi again but not alone

ToniAnn Izzo

I am a political science enthusiast from New York City with a passion for global politics.

I aim to spark interest in young people, who are the most impacted by today’s political decisions by  making complex issues understandable and engaging.

I bring a fresh perspective to political discussions to make politics fun and accessible for the next generation.

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